Whole30 Challenge & 2014 Rhinoco South-East Games!


This was the first annual Rhinoco South-East Games which was an in-house competition between IMT Crossfit (my box), Crossfit Miami Lakes & Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach.

This would also be my first crossfit competition as well!!!

September 30th actually ended up being my one year anniversary as a crossfitter, and before October started I decided to take on the Whole30 Challenge as well. So this month started off with a bunch of firsts. Before taking on the Whole30 Challenge I had to get a body fat test done to see where I was before the challenge started. I’m currently 6′-2″ tall, 208lbs & 15% body fat!!! That made me extremely happy because I thought I would at least be more than 20%. And before starting the challenge we also had to do a benchmark WOD & we will have to do the benchmark WOD & the body fat test again at the end of the month to see if you had improved while doing the Whole30 Challenge.

The benchmark WOD was an 800m run, 30 air squats, 30 push ups, 30 sit ups (I did butterfly) & 10 strict pullups. I completed this in 5:29! Another thing I was really happy about because I thought I would at least ring in at 7:00 minutes.

And now a little info on the Whole30 Challenge. The Whole30 Challenge is basically a month long challenge where you eat clean and see the differences you attain 30 days later. And when I say eating clean, I mean the Paleo (cave man) diet. Where you basically eat only anything that is natural, nothing processed for a whole month. Before starting this challenge I thought I did pretty well eating as clean as possible, but I had to cut out half the food I would eat normally so I can comply with the guidelines of the paleo diet… THAT INCLUDES PEANUT BUTTER!!!

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So far so good. I’m six days in feeling pretty good. I still miss peanut butter, chewing gum and having my ritualistic Quest Bars before I went to bed, but I’ve been coping. Sooner or later I’ll adjust and I’ll forget I even used to have those things. I still may go back to peanut butter though.

You may be asking yourself why I have included this information in this post; the reason I did was because usually when I have my running events (in this case the Rhinoco Games) I will always pack with me beef jerky, trail mix, Clif bars, Honey Stinger Waffles, Urawk Bars, Gu Gels & Gu Chomps. Not this time. During this event I took with me coconut water, 12 oz of grilled chicken, 1/4 of a watermelon, Urawk Bars & some hard boiled eggs. Was quite different eating this type of nutrition during the event, but I’m not going to lie, it wasn’t that bad at all!

On to the games!

The Rhinoco South-East Games consisted of three WODs for Scaled and RX Divisions for same-gender, 3-person teams.

My team and I were in the Scaled division seeing as how it was mine and one other of my teammates first competition.

The WODs themselves were as follows:


“Rhino Chipper”
12min CAP
75 Power Cleans(135/95)
75 Pull Ups
75 Burpee Box Jumps(30,24)
PC 95/65
Burpee BJ 24,20
One partner working at a time and must tag next partner in to begin working.
I thought in this WOD we were doing great. Each of the three of us knocked out 15 power cleans at a time and finished the portion really quick. Then after I thought we ran through the Knees to Elbow portion pretty quick as well. And then on the burpee box jumps we got burned. We decided to do 10 at a time to give the other teammates some rest and get through this quickly. On my second round of ten I was going down to do my burpee and before my chest had the chance to hit the platform, my hand slipped from under me (I tend to sweat A LOT) & my chin hit the floor hard. I just jumped to the other side of the box which was dryer and that’s when I noticed I busted my chin open. We were the 7th of 8 teams to finish in this particular WOD and thought we would regroup in the next two WODs.
3 RPM Shoulder to Overhead
*Bar must start from the floor.
4min Cap
1min Transition to change Barbell weight for:
The funny thing about this WOD is that whatever weight you slap on has to stay there. You CANNOT decrease the weight after it has already been placed on the bar. So my first teammate to go topped off at 135, the second at 155 & finally I got a 3 rep max of 185. What I was completely trying to avoid, but it happened anyway, was busting my chin open again. I got through one rep, two reps, then BOOM! On the third rep I clocked my chin again and busted the would wide open. STILL GOT THE REP THOUGH! We finished our WOD in about two minutes, so we had about 3 minutes to change the weight and get ready for the next WOD.
10min AMRAP
20 Dubs
5 Power Snatches(115/75)
20 Lateral Bar Hops
5 Power Snatches(95/65)
*WOD will be follow the leader. Partner 1 must complete full RD in order for next partner to begin working.
So this is where I excel… ENDURANCE! this was a fun one. I believe I did four rounds, my next teammate did three and the last did two and some of the third. I got through each of them in about 30-45 seconds. I love the stuff that gets your heart beating fast!
And as for the results:
Rx Men: IMT Crossfit
Rx Women: IMT Crossfit
Scaled Men: Crossfit Miami Lakes
Scaled Women: IMT Crossfit
Anyways, we ended up finishing last. Am I disappointed? A little. But that just got my fire burning to train harder and sign up for more events! I have to say I’m completely happy that this was my first event. I originally signed up for the RAID games, but was not able to do it because they changed dates and the new date was too close to the Spartan Ultra Beast Race. Then I was going to do CRUSH Games, but I had sustained an injury on my 50 mile ultra and had zero time to prep before the games, so I dropped out of that one too.
What makes me happy that this was my first was that it was in-house. Just you, a bunch of friends and a competition WOD. I learned new tricks and ways to enhance my performance and technique when I get in there again for my next competition!
More and more pictures are popping up, so I’ll update this badboy with newer pics when I get them!

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