Inov8 Race Ultra 290s Review

Before you proceed to read this, just know this is a short review. I recently received these shoes and took them out for a test run to break them in. It was a short quick little 5k… BUT IT WAS GLORIOUS.

As stated above, it was a short little 5k road run. Definitely needs a couple more short runs to fully break them in, but the shoes are amazing. Transitions from road to grass to high grass was easy and just felt great. Didn’t have the need or feel to readjust when I changed through the different terrains.

One thing I did notice between these and the Hoka One-One Mafate Speeds ( was  that while the Race Ultras did have more support than your average running shoe, it did not have as much as the Mafate Speeds. I felt like I had the support/comfort I needed to go the distance, but I wasn’t so supported that I felt disconnected from the ground which was thing that made me fall in love with these shoes.

As I stated before, this was only going to be a short review. I will fully review this product when I put some real miles on it. Worlds Toughest Mudder perhaps?

Check back in soon!

I shall leave you with some specs about the shoes from Inov8 themselves.


Push boundaries over epic distances in the ultimatefootwear for off-road ultra running. Optimal cushioning and comfort combine with sensory trail feedback and protection. Equally at home on trails or mountains.

F-Lite Sole Features

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