Barbell For Boobs!!!


So this weekend I had the chance to participate in Barbell For Boobs hosted by Crossfit Miami Lakes. There ended up being a huge turnout and it was a lot of fun.

So I was honestly a little worried before heading there. The reason I was worried was the fact that my original partner I had signed up with strained his shoulder that week and he was not able to participate in the competition. So basically, I was left without a partner.

I got to the event early and was talking with some of the coaches and some other friends that showed up from my box. I was also talking to my friend Allan through text. He was actually running the Halloween Half marathon in Miami Beach and was going to come to the event after to show some support. But that all changed. When I had told him what happened to my partner, he asked if he could fill in for him. AND HE DID!


You have no idea how proud I am of this guy. He hurt his back around April of this year and had to completely stop crossfit & running so he can recuperate. He recently got back into it & has been killing it! Oh, and by the way, he finished that half in 1:35. Boss status.

Anyways, he ran the half in a pink afro & tutu. I was going to wear my pink speedos & a tutu as well, so you might just say it was fate that he filled in as my partner.

Anyways, the teams were set up as two people, same gender. And the WOD was as follows: In under a 10 minute time cap, you would have to complete Karen & Grace. Karen is 150 wall balls & Grace is 30 clean and jerks. the Rx was a 20lb ball for Karen & 135lbs for Grace & Scaled was 14lb ball for Karen & 95lb ball for Grace. And here’s the kicker for every burpee you complete under the 10 minute cap it takes one second off your total WOD time.

I was originally going to do Rx with my old partner before he had to drop out, but Allan and I did the scaled division.

The gear I had for this event were my pink tutu & speedo, my pink pro compression socks, my Inov-8 F-lite 240s, some wrist wraps and elbow & knee compression.

And we were off. I started off with 30 wall balls and called Allan in. Then he went and I went and he went and I went and I ended up finishing off the wall balls. He was ready to go at the bar. He was pushing himself and doing an amazing job especially for just completing a half marathon. I ended up getting 10 reps on the clean and jerks twice and finished off those as well and he was off like a little burpee machine. He went then I went, he went and I went and we ended up getting in 85 burpees under the time cap!

Now, they didn’t award the scaled division, BUT TEAM HAIRY BOOBS TOOK FIRST PLACE!!!


Neither of us thought that we would place. Allan had just finished a half marathon and I honestly wasn’t feeling too great, I hadn’t been all week. But once those competitive juices get flowin, game over.

And not to brag or anything, but IMT took both the female & male Rx divisions as well!!!

For the Womens Rx:

WOD City Girls (IMT)-4:14

IMT Lady Ninjas (IMT)-6:04

Beast In Bows (RCFMB)-7:13

For the Mens Rx: 

Team C (IMT)-4:35

Playing For Boobs (IMT)-4:46

Team MAD (???)-4:55

For the Scaled Womens:

Blondies (???)-5:14

Cafe Con Leche (CFML)-5:18

CA (???)-5:35

For the Scaled Mens:

Hairy Boobs (US!!!)-4:59

B4B (???)- 5:38

Team Wisdon (CFML)-6:01

And in the end it’s all about the cause. We ended up raising one thousand dollars for the event! And Nutri-force called and said they would match $0.50 to the dollar for whatever was raised. So there ended up being a grand total of $1500!!!

And like I said before, while this is a big cause & it’s all well known for saving the boobs, or save the tatas, we have to remember it’s the women who are going through this tragedy. So let’s worry about them first and the boobies second.

Great event, great friends, great time!


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