Battle Frog Media Day/ Competitors WOD/ My Birthday!!!

This was a great day indeed!

So I have a bunch of friends that actually work within Battle Frog. They actually reached out to me because while I’m not traveling, doing races and just having an all around good time, I actually work as a civil engineer. They needed permits to set up the obstacles on the beach which would mean they would need someone to sign and seal plans and calculations so that the obstacles that are being placed on the beach are considered structurally safe by the city.

So I was actually able to help out in the process of them getting their permits for the obstacles to be set up. Everything was approved by the city and then the day came!

photo 2

On October 18, I got to Miami Beach early where I would end up meeting a bunch of people from the Battle Frog Team,  IMT Crossfit (my box) & our sister boxes Crossfit Miami Lakes & Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach.

So the event was set up as a 3 team circuit WOD. You had the choice of either (2) 10 liter jerry cans or (1) 20 liter can. When they started you off, you had to run down the beach to the water, which was about 300-400m from the start and fill up your jugs ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP. If you did not fill your can to the top when you returned to the start line you would have to run back to the ocean and refill the jug.

Then after you were okayed to pass, you would have to run another 50m or so to a designated boardwalk, and when all three team members feet were on the boardwalk, you can start on to the obstacle course itself.

The start of the course was about 100m or so from the boardwalk. And the way the course was set up was the Normandy Jacks were first (barbwire crawl, with no barbwire), then it was the over-under- through. Right after that was the 12′ rope wall, then the inverted wall & finally the A-frame cargo net.

The catch was that you would not be able to let your jerry can touch the sand, if it did your entire team would suffer a 10 burpee penalty. And after you finished the course, you would have to run back to the board walk and do it all over again. And then you were done.

My team of David Moore, myself and someone we picked up from the Reebok CFMB box ended up having to do zero burpees & finished with the fastest time! HOLLA!!!

photo 55 photo 5 photo 11

All in all it was a great little preview for the Nov. 15th race that Battle Frog will be holding down here in Miami. It will be in Virginia Key & it will be the 5k course with plenty more obstacles than what were previewed on the media day.

The gear I used for this event was my pro compression socks, Inov-8 trail roc 255s, my Murica Speedos, Trail toes for my feet & dry glide for my thighs.

And after hanging out a bit and talking with some people, I headed on over to the Reebok CFMB box and went on to do the Competitors WOD they had set up for that day. It was the first of I hope many more to come that the three boxes will be working together in doing, where they invite all the athletes from the three different boxes and give you a competition type style WOD to see where you’re at and basically train for future competitions.

The WOD for the day was three parts, each with a 20 min cap & 5 min break proceeding that. And there were three weight classes, Rx+, Rx & scaled.

The first WOD was a complex. You would have to perform a deadlift, clean-squat & jerk all without letting go of the bar. My team was myself, my friend Edgar from my box & Champ, awesome dude that goes to Reebok CFMB. So my one rep max was 185lbs. I almost had 205, but my elbow locked out on me and I didn’t want to push it. Edgar got 205lbs & champ 225lbs.

On to the next WOD! It was a nice little chipper. You would have to do 150 back squats & 100 handstand push ups. For Rx+ it was 135/115 lbs & strict hand stand push ups. For Rx it was 115/95 lbs & kipping hand stand push ups. For scaled it was 95/65 lbs & whatever scale down you wanted that you would normally do at your own box. Oh, and you couldn’t use the rig, you would have to pick the bar up from the floor every time. It was only myself & Edgar for this round, so we we only had to do 100 squats & 65 hand stand push ups. We did 10 reps at a time till we reached 50 per person for squats. I chose to do Rx+ because I love legs & Edgar did Rx for two rounds then finished off the last 3 rounds at Rx+. After we finished the squats we headed over to do the handstand push ups. Edgar was killing the pushups. He would do about 10-15 at a time, I would only be able to crank out 5 or so, I recently just got used to them, so I’m still perfecting my form. But we finished and were ready for the last WOD!

The last WOD was my favorite. You would send one teammate out to do a 400m run. As soon as that person got in, you would have to do either 3 muscle ups, 6 chest to bar pull ups or 9 regular pull ups (strict, kip, etc.). And after finishing that, you would have to do 5 over head snatches. I believe the Rx+ weight was 115/95 lbs, Rx 95/65, Scaled 45/35 lbs. I honestly forgot, if that wasn’t the weight, than it was the same weight scheme that was broken down for the back squat chipper. Oh! And the fun part of this WOD was if you picked a weight, or a certain type of pull up to do, and you could not complete it, you would have to do 10 burpees, and your teammates would have to pick up the slack of whatever reps you had left.

The reason that this was my favorite round was because I. LOVE. RUNNING. When a couple people who I knew previously saw me line up to run first there was kind of an “OHHHHHH IT’S HAIDARRRRRRR” type deal. Because if I’m known for anything at my box, it’s that I love to run. So anyways as soon as they started, BOOM! I took off. And as we were closing in on the end of the first lap it was myself and Champ literally pushing each other to get to the finish first. I took it! ;D

And then the WOD started, Edgar chose the muscle ups and I chose the chest to bar; I still don’t have muscle ups. And we were able to finish 6 rounds total I believe. It was awesome and I had a lot of fun!

Met some new people and had a chance to go head to head with some other athletes that I know and it was just an all around good time. Can’t wait to do this again and keep training just so I can get better.

And the Gear I used for this event wasn’t much different, I used my Hylete compression socks, some wrist wraps, my Inov-8 F-Lite 240s, & my ranger panties.

Had to say, would not have chosen any other way to celebrate my birthday!

photo 22

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