The Great American Bacon Race

photo 10

Well seeing as how I am the Samurai Piggy, I don’t know why I waited this long to do this race.


It took place this past Saturday (10/11/2014) over at Vista View Park (Davie, FL). I was going to meet up with some friends and just run for fun and have a nice easy 5k run on a gorgeous sunny day. But those plans kind of went out the window when I find out my friends were running the later heat. There was one heat that was let out at about 8:20 (they were running late) and another heat that was let out about 5 minutes later.

I started off with a pretty easy pace, but felt amazing, so I decided to push myself. I didn’t think I would do that great because I did a WOD and ran a 5k the night before, but I ended up getting a new PR!!! My original PR was 23:51; the new one was 22:41!

What made it even better was that there were two hills on the course (weird for FL) and I still got that PR!

There was a lot of pavement we ran on the course, but there was also gravel and grass on the side. It was a really beautiful park.

There were also two aid stations along the course. And what better things to give than bacon! You heard right. Aside from water at the aid stations, they were also passing out bacon. I don’t eat bacon, so I just skipped it and focused on the run. And after you finished the run, there was UNLIMITED BACON. All sorts and types you can dive on into.

And A lot of different  people came out dressed in costumes, so you know this is a fun run. It’s a really fun, fast  5k themed event.

I would definitely do it again and it also really got me focused again on my training because I really want to reach that sub 20 5k.

And in regards to gear: I wore my speedo (of course), my piggy hat, my pro compression socks and my Inov-8 Trailroc 255s.

I had on me my glasses, my Garmin Fenix 2, and I used some trail toes for my feet, and Dry Glide for my thighs.

photo 20


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