Hello friends!

I know I haven’t posted in a while, just kind of getting my life together and in order.

So, what’s new with me you may ask? Just getting 2015 kicked off and ready to take on any sort of events that come my way.

I am currently in the process of moving, so there’s that too. Finally putting my big boy pants on.

The first event I will be taking on this year was the first ultra I ever did, Fuego Y Agua! And this year I am doing the “Devils Double!” Which consists of the 80k Survival Run on Wednesday and the 100k on Saturday on the beautiful Isla De Ometepe in Nicaragua!!! I’m so excited!

I am also competing in a Team Dangerous crossfit competition this weekend over at my box IMT Crossfit, I think it’s a great way to prepare for Fuego next weekend.

AND I also signed up for the Reebok Crossfit Games Open in the middle of all my running events. Let’s see where this little body of mine will take me and how far I can push my limits.

And in regards to my writing I know I’ve completely slacked on that. I’m still finishing up the post I was going to do about myself and background and I’m also going to put up the podcast I got featured on as well!

A lot of great things to look forward to for 2015. Oh, and I’m training for an IronMan as well, hiyooooo!!!

And I just wanted to give a quick shout out and thanks to all my sponsors and teams that I was a part of in 2014. I was able to push myself and have met a bunch of great people! So thank you!

-SoleRunners Running Store: http://solerunners.com/

-Mind And Body Wellness Studio: http://www.chiropractorpinecrestfl.com/

– Miami Fit Group: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miami-Fit-Group/601370986639810

-Hylete Gear (Use Code: CPT8PXKWK for savings): http://www.hylete.com/

-Urawk Bars (Use Code: Haidar for savings): http://www.urawkenergy.com/

-Gu Energy (No longer a part of for 2015): http://guenergy.com/

-RhinoCo Fitness (IMT Crossfit, Crossfit Miami Lakes, Reebok Crossfit Miami Beach): http://www.rhinocofitness.com/

-X1 Audio: http://www.x-1.com/

-More Heart Than Scars: http://www.moreheartthanscars.org/

-Fitfluential: http://fitfluential.com/


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