So recently I did a post of all the upcoming events I planned to take on…

Hasn’t really gone according to plan.

If you missed it, I was slated to take on the Crossfit Games Open, the Battlefrog BFX, and the GA Death Race. Which would have been awesome because I would have been pushing myself in the running realm and the crossfit realm at the same time.

Well, things didn’t pan out. I didn’t properly rest after my Fuego Y Agua Ultra (which I promise I will soon write about) and a creeping old hip flexor injury came back in full force.

It all started the night that they were going to release the 15.1 WOD (02/26/15). My hip flexor had been bugging me all day, but I thought I would be able to forget about it and compete in the WOD Thursday night so I would have been able to rest Friday before my BFX ultra (which is an obstacle course race ultra). That wasn’t the case. They had announced the WOD; 15.1  was a 9 min AMRAP of 15 Toes To Bar, 10 Deadlifts @ 115lbs and 5 Snatches @ 115lbs and then 15.1A which was a 6 min time cap to find your max clean and jerk. I warmed up a bit and felt absolutely awful. So I said forget it and decided to just all out rest before my BFX ultra.

The day of the race came and it was just as bad. I woke up in the morning ready to run all day and ended up finishing extremely early (another write up that will come soon). So after no being able to complete the ultra either, I decided I would have to do something I absolutely dread… RESTING.

I guess I dug my own grave continuing to push myself without properly resting. So this week (03/02-03/06) I did absolutely nothing except work and rest.

Next week (03/09-03/13) I will get back to the box to just stretch and row, maybe cycle or swim some days in between.

And I will ease back into my old regimen 03/16-03/20.

I plan on doing the open WODs anyway just to see how I would have done if I was in the games.

And my first event back will be the Florida open.

I will continue my ultra training for any future events I may want to take on, so we will see. Hopefully it’s not as hard getting back into my routine.

Good news is I actually have time to write up all my reviews about all the events I’ve done so far, so yay!

But not being able to run/workout… Fwomp.

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