Zero Days Without An Accident At The Workplace.

Hello again friends!

I’m back and ready to hit the ground running… literally.

I thought the featured image correlated perfectly with what has been going on.

I have been on and off for the past couple months because of injuries and just not resting enough for what I was putting my body through with all the training and events I had been doing.

I recently decided enough was enough and I wanted to get back into my endurance running shape.

This meant I would be going back to two-a-day workouts, where I would do crossfit in the mornings and a running regimen in the afternoon. Or if I didn’t wake up for the morning workout, I would do back to back workouts in the afternoon after work.

The worst thing you can do is judge yourself based on the past. It’s a good thing to strive for, but with the competitive mindset I have, I feel like a failure when I’m not putting up the weights I used to or running certain distances at the speeds I had been able to in the past.

Just be patient, keep that focused mindset and with time you will get back to where you were and even surpass that.

Again, my problem is that I just jump head first into any situation without thinking of the consequences and then figure I’ll just iron out the details later.

Most of you already know I’m a type one diabetic. Well this week I was feeling pretty solid and went to the gym for three hours in a row on a Tuesday (TURNT UP). Where I did a warm up, a class and then an endurance class back to back to back.

I ate in between just to keep my blood sugars stable, but that wasn’t enough.

I “woke up” late for work and would have had a huge problem if my parents hadn’t asked where I was.

I say “woke up” because I was basically in a hypoglycemic coma, if my parents didn’t barge into my house, I probably would have been dead.

I’ m not the best diabetic, far from it, but you learn more and more and realize you are not invincible.

So let’s see how far I can go till my next accident.

I know I said it before, but I’m back and will be doing more posts and updates and more reviews as well. And some posts about past events as well!

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