Fun Runs For All!!!

So getting back into the swing of things, I did two different charity runs in the past two weekends and I had a blast!!!

I know you usually consider the “fun runs” as the bubble run, or glow run or foam run, but I consider these charity runs just as fun because you’re getting out there to an event with a bunch of people who, like you, are raising money for a great cause!

The first weekend (09/19/15) was the Miami Childrens 5k. It was a great turnout and it just felt good to be in the running world again. About 2 miles into the run I noticed a little girl running by herself. Usually it would be super awkward for a 6’2″ dude in a speedo walking up to a little girl, but I asked her name and if she was alone. Her name was Vanessa and she was running with her mom, but she said her mom was “ALL THE WAY in the back.” So I asked her if she wanted to run together till we got to the finish line. She said yes and we were on our way. I was running an easy pace, but my God this little girl had her boosters on. I was able to keep up without a problem, but I’m glad I have somewhat gotten back into shape, otherwise I would have been wheezing and dying trying to keep up with her.

They had a lot of things going on once we got back to the finish. We found her parents and it was all good. There was also a little boy and his pops running the race together, and every time I caught up with them I would tell the little boy not to let me catch him and he would speed up till he got quite a bit away from me. It was pretty funny because his dad was telling me how I looked like their uncle with my beard and mustache. So it was pretty cool to meet some new people.

12032050_10152967280490989_8573018612970643576_n image5 12046764_10102029904601707_6565972006936403914_n

Then this past weekend (09/26/15) was the St. Judes Run! What was awesome about this race was that it was at the Miami Metro Zoo and we got to meet some of the amazing children who we were raising money for. Awesome experience indeed. It was again a nice little easy 5k run and at an easy pace as well. The volunteers were great at this event and the animals were a really nice distraction as well. Oh! And what was also really cool was that I got interviewed as well! They just were asking why I was out there and my previous experiences. I’ll see if I can find that!

image3 image4 image1 IMG_6107 image2

This upcoming weekend I have two races! I have the Crush Games 5k and the Mens Fitness Urban Athalon. Looking forward to both since I’m rucking the Crush Games and the Mens Fitness is as close to an OCR (Obstacle Course Race) that I’ve gotten to in a while. So let’s see how they go!

And I also just recently signed up for the Wodapalooza open qualifiers which starts today at 8pm! Am I prepared? Meh. Am I going to do well? I hope so. But you better believe that whatever I do, I’ll look good doing it!!!

And soon I’ll be doing a review of my new Nike Air Zoom Odysseys! And I’ll give you my past experiences at previous races that I’ve done; think of them as way back wednesdays or throwback thursdays or flashback friday blog posts (whenever I do post them).

Oh! And a happy anniversary to myself and IMT Crossfit! Two years strong. Can’t wait to see what the future holds!

And pretty soon my first podcast will be going up to! Yay!

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