Barbell 4 Boobs 2015!

And what an amazing event it was.

I had an amazing time last year over at CF Miami Lakes and couldn’t wait to come back this year and workout at the new CF Keep Charging over at my alma mater Florida International University!

What makes this event great is that while we’re raising money for a great cause (breast cancer), we are also bringing all of the boxes under the Rhinoco Fitness umbrella in Miami together. It’s always great seeing everyone from the different boxes.

So this year I didn’t have a partner going into the event. The event was a team WOD and the workout was a modified “Grace.” Grace is normally 30 clean and jerks for time at 135/95 lbs for Rx. For this event, you and a partner would have to complete 30 burpees, 20 clean and jerks; 20 burpees, 20 clean and jerks, 10 burpees, 20 clean and jerks. So if you split it up evenly, your partner and you would end up doing the complete Grace WOD with some burpees thrown in as well. Other than the burpees, the modified version consisted of one partner holding the loaded bar at the top of a deadlift while the other partner was doing burpees; but when you came back up from the burpee, you had to jump on a plate laying on the floor before you can continue on to your next burpee. The Rx for this event was (155/105) & scaled was (115/75). All of this had to be completed under a 10 min time cap.


I like getting to events early so I can stretch and warm up. This time I had the company of my darling Danays and what I had in mind of a one mile warm up, turned into a two mile tour of FIU. It has changed a lot since I had graduated. So many more buildings have been added and it is beautiful. We even got to go on a little trail run! And what was greatest of all was I started running in my Luna Sandals again. I love those shoes.

image2 image3

We got back to the box, I got a little stretch in and then I started warming up because I didn’t know whether or not my partner would want to do the Rx or scaled division. Then some time had passed and out of nowhere they had started announcing the teams to start stepping up. I had thought to myself “forget this, I’m here to compete.” I wrote my team name as “Solo Dolo” and was about to go into the competition by myself; but then my dude Danny from CF Keep Charging approached me and asked if I was team Solo Dolo and there he was, my new partner! We ended up going into the scaled division. Danny has only been doing crossfit for 5 months, but honestly, I was surprised with what this dude can do.


image1 IMG_6523 image6

So we ended up being in the first heat and before we knew it, we were set to go. We had decided that I would start with the burpees and he would hold the bar. So I knocked out 15 burpees, tagged Danny in and he knocked out 15 burpees and then I went ahead and did 10 clean and jerks and he followed suit. We killed that first round. Then I went ahead and did 10 burpees and then Danny did his 10. After the first round we had decided that we would knock out the clean and jerks 5 reps at a time because 10 was too tiring. So I did my 5 reps, and Danny got his, I picked up 7 reps and he did the last 3 of the second round. Finally, the third round. I did all 10 burpees so Danny could focus on the clean and jerks. He did his 5 clean and jerks and I did 7, he finished off 3 more and I did the last 5 and we were done! We had a time of 9:08 and finished under the time cap. I couldn’t have asked for more from my partner. Dude never gave up and he kept pushing till we finished off the WOD.

It was great to see everyone else compete as well. It was an awesome Saturday and I couldn’t have asked for more. Great workout, great family, great times.

image2 image5

image9 image7 image5 image4

image3(winner winner chicken dinner)

Got some amazing news coming up soon too! Huzzah!

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