RRCA Coach Certification!!!

What a great weekend!!!

It was honestly fun and interesting meeting everyone that I was part of a facebook group with for a short while.

It started off with me driving up to Tampa, FL for the most recent RRCA (Road Runners Club of America) coaching certification.

Then it was two days of learning the ropes and reinforcing/learning a ton of information that I only had before from prior experience.

There I learned how to properly set up a program, learned what I would be dealing with as a coach and how to use the proper channels to run a successful run club.

I just wanted to give a big shout out to Randy Accetta who came down to Tampa and led us through the weekend. He provided a bunch of information from knowledge he has learned over the years and he did it in a fun environment so it wasn’t extremely demanding.

And another huge shout out to Jessica Spivey who took care of the whole weekend/set up that made it an experience I would definitely remember.

And just to be sure I state, I took and passed the test for the RRCA certification and even got my pediatric & adult CPR/First Aid & AED certification!!!

Here’s to the future!



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