Case Of The Mondays…

As I’m writing this, I just spilled my opened water bottle on my lap…

I wonder where the “a case of the Mondays” saying came from.

Is it all the things that typically end up happening at the beginning of the week? Is it because no one really cares about Monday’s because it’s the one day after the weekend? 

Whichever it may be, I see Monday as a day where you can get in work. You had the weekend to rest and relax, however short it may seem, and Monday is the time to grind; if you weren’t grinding during the weekend either. 

Today was a little test. 

I woke up with a blood sugar of 521 (when normal numbers are between 70-120) & my AC stopped working the night before. I know throughout the rest of the United States it’s freezing, but I live down in Miami, quite terrible. 

Then my car wouldn’t start, battery died. 

Got a jump from a friend and still made it to work on time even with traffic. 

Then even though I felt amazing yesterday (killed my 5k PR), I ended up throwing up twice during my workday. 

I work as a civil engineer by day and couldn’t just leave because I had a project deadline for today. 

I sucked it up and worked through it, and finished the project. Worked on my website and now I’m with my family hanging out before they leave to Lebanon for Christmas. 

Oh! And I got my AC to work again! Woot! 

If you really want to push forward and knock out those tasks you need to do, you need to just suck it up and get through it. 

Now excuse me while I go pass out. 

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