Never Give Up, Never Surrender!

So I heard a pretty interesting story this morning.

You know those new fidget toys everyone is going wild about?



Catherine Hettinger was the original inventor of this toy that helps curbs anxiousness and you would think she would be raking in the dough?!

Think again, she had the patent for 8 years and reached out to several companies, but no one took her seriously. She lost the patent for the toy in 2005 & now stores are sold out as this toy is flying off the shelves.

So this isn’t a post about how much money she could be making or how she should try to recoup some of the money because it’s her original invention or even how mad & outraged she should be that this fad didn’t take sooner, no, this is a post that if you truly believe in a cause, either it be you starting up a new business, you trying to build a brand or in this case, you inventing something, never give up!

Don’t stop, keep pushing. Keep striving to make that dream come true or that business a success or that new invention known; because when you let your dreams die, you’ll have nothing left.

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