Inaugural Craft Beer 5k!!!

I have participated in many events where beer and running go hand in hand (beer miles, The Tap n Run Race, and your old school running while drinking beer); but this was the first event at a local brewery where after finishing a nice and fast 5k, you were treated to a number of beers; 4 tastings and one full beer that you had a selection from 7 different local breweries! What made this event even greater was the fact that all proceeds from the registration for the event went towards the charities for Live Like Bella & Amigos For Kids.

The Tank Brewing Co. hosted this event on September 30, 2017 and we couldn’t have asked for a more gorgeous day. The race was held at 6pm in the evening, where there was still light out, but it was significantly cooler than the 90+ degrees it was earlier that day.

This was one of those events that reminded me “why” I run. I run because I can; I run because I was lucky enough to bounce back from all the obstacles that life threw at me; I run because that is where I feel I am truly me; I run because I find solace in running & I run for those who can’t.

I knew going into the event that there would be my fellow runners that I see at every local 5k, but also that there would be a new crowd of runners who had been enticed by a prize at the end of the tunnel, beer! And these are the same runners who also have no idea who “Samurai Piggy” is. But honestly, it was amazing getting out there to see everyone supporting an outstanding cause!

I made many new friends that day (with a bunch of random people who were astounded seeing a 6’2 Chewbacca running in a speedo) and reconnected with a lot of old ones as well.

I got to be with my GoRun crew!

I made friends with all the beertenders that were manning their brewery’s tents too!

Carlos Padron & The Tank Brewing Co. where we tried their “Freedom Tower” American Amber & their “La Finca” Belgian Style Wheat Saison beers.

My sponsors & friends (Greg & Yessy) from my 24 Hour Run Event: Wynwood Brewing Company who came out with their “La Rubia” American Blonde & their “Pops Porter” Robust Porter.


Our friends from the Miami Brewing Company, who made a special mix of their “Big Rod” Coconut Blonde Ale & their “Shark Bait” Mango Wheat Ale to form their “Flamingo Ale” which was out of this world!


Our friends from Concrete Beach Brewery where we tried their “Violet Jane” Lavender Style Belgian Witbier.


My happy face when I got to try 26 Degrees Brewing Company’s “IPA1A” American IPA.


Biscayne Bay Brewing Company came through with their amazing “La Colada” English Style Porter!


And M.I.A. Beer Company was there too! (photo cred: @miabeerco).

And it’s always a pleasure running into our photographer friend Julia (instagram:  @juliarosephotog)…


… who legit found us whenever we had a moment to our selves!

(@eatingwithlittlemariii and I)


I even made friends with the founders of Live Like Bella!

This event was set up amazing from start to finish and I can’t wait to reach out and work with all these outstanding people in the future. I honestly am even more excited to get back to The Tank Brewery to enjoy ALL their beers! And one last shout out to Goya for being out there representing the Latin Community and providing runners with coconut water and chips!

Till the next one my friends.



Happy trails.



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