Shazam Crossfit Beer Mile


You know runners love their beer; so much so, that they created an event where you run and drink beer at the same time; Fast forward to the invention of the beer mile.


A beer mile is where as soon as you hear “GO!” you chug a beer (either a can, bottle or cup depending on the setup of the event) and you run 400m (or a quarter of a mile) and then repeat that 3 more times for a total of 4 beers drank & 1 mile ran.


Shazam Crossfit held their first annual beer mile this past weekend and Eatingwithlittlemariii and I were able to attend! What made this event pretty amazing was the fact that you had all the people from the box show up (even though you know crossfitters hate running) and they all just came out for a good time.

Leading up to the event, @shazamfitness, had a link to the event through eventbrite where you could purchase tickets at $25; day of the event you could purchase tickets at the door, but it bumped up to $30. Tickets included all the beer and choripan from Samba Grill! I think that’s well worth the entry.


I was changing into my speedo when time had gone off for the first round to go. So I started 1 minute later than the other runners; but even though I started 1 minute later, I was able to lap 4 runners and came in on my mile (with 4 beers drank) at a time of 7:55! NEW PR BABY!!!

The last time I did a beer mile was during Fuego Y Agua’s ultra-marathon event and that was on a beach in Nicaragua and I came in at 10 minutes!

And what’s even better is the fact that since I won, I got one free month at Shazam Crossfit! I need to start winning events more often! And since Marilyn was the only girl to compete, she won a free month as well!

And the fun didn’t stop there; after the beer mile was completed, we had a beerlympics where we played all the drinking games and just had an all around great time.


But the day was not only about the beer mile and drinking great beers (thanks to J Wakefield Brewery for proving two kegs of El Jefe & Hops 4 Teacher); It was a day about getting together, meeting new people and just having fun. There were a ton of sausages provided, chips, sides and it was basically just a huge family cookout at Shazam Crossfit. And honestly, that’s the vibes you’ll feel when you are there, family. Can’t wait to go back and get my two months of training in!


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