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I never believed in all those juice trends that I saw people participating in. What makes it even worse is that I’m a type one diabetic; my whole life I never really touched any form of juice because since they are simple sugars, they metabolize in your body quickly and shoot your blood sugars up and bring them back down just as fast in the span of an hour. So I’ve only really ever viewed juice in a negative connotation because I relate it to only HAVING to drink it when my blood sugars were low.

That changed when I started drinking Unleashed Life juices! With some of the juices (Moringa & TKO) I had enough energy to last the whole day! Not having a thyroid messes with your sleep cycle, you’re always usually tired and on workdays, I usually take a nap before I start work and during my lunch break (because I have to wake up early enough to beat traffic), but I didn’t need to have a nap the days that I drank these shots! And the Turmeric blend was perfect for post race events and for my training sessions as they helped alleviate the soreness more quickly! And what’s even better is the fact that these juices helped me go to the bathroom (number two) at least once to twice a day! And the best part is that four ounce shots don’t spike or make my blood sugars fluctuate as if they would when I would drink regular orange juice or Capri Suns!


Now don’t get it twisted, in no way does Unleash Life market themselves as medical professionals, but their juices are made with organic veggies, fruits, and herbs; they non-GMO & gluten free; they have no water or sugar added; it’s live juice & never pasteurized; they are made to order fresh for each order & they are packaged in glass bottles (South Florida Only) which is awesome because they tell you to keep and rinse the bottles you use with your previous order and will pick up the old bag and bottles when they drop off your next one!


These are the recent juices I was sent and tried based on my the results I wanted and my answers on being a type one diabetic, being in remission from thyroid cancer and wanting to lose weight, wanting to go more frequently to the bathroom and working out 5-6 days a week:


TKO blend: Sustained clarity and Energy; High in Nitrates; Muscular Endurance. Ingredients: Pineapple, Organic Cucumber, Organic Arugula, Organic Mint and Organic Blue Green Algae. My results: couldn’t go to sleep during the day; Had enough energy to power through my morning and my mid afternoon nap; pooped about three times, but still felt a bit constipated (I usually go days without pooping) (drank on empty stomach).

Moringa: Energy; Digestion; Complete Protein. Ingredients: Organic Cucumber, Pineapple, Organic Spinach, Organic Celery, Organic Green Apple, Organic Moringa Leaf Powder, Organic Lemon and Organic Ginger. My results: Again, didn’t need my morning nap and woke me right up (drank on empty stomach). It was a nice crisp, tart cucumber flavor. Really enjoyed.

BITTER MELON SHOT: Weight loss; Blood Sugar; Digestion; Aging; Skin Complexion; Antioxidant. Ingredients: Organic Green Apple, Organic Green Pear, Bitter Melon

My results: Had a dry cut green apple after taste and kind of snapped me out of my morning drowsiness. Helped me go to the bathroom twice that day. Slept amazing at night.

Turmeric Blend: Inflammation; Recovery; Brain Function; Mood; Antioxidants.
Ingredients: Organic Orange, Organic Carrot, Organic Celery, Organic Apple,Turmeric and Organic Ginger. My results: Looks like orange juice and has opacity of OJ, but once you sip it’s a layered taste. First the ginger hits your taste buds, then the turmeric then after you finish, it has the resonance of OJ.

I would definitely say that I’m excited to try these juices out, add them to my diet and see more results as time passes.


I would just like to add that when I say diet, I am NOT going to make the juices the bulk of my diet and cut weight fast as you see in those juicing diets. Also, when I say diet I am also not following those diet trends by cutting out any of my proteins, carbs or fats to make the juice my main source of sustenance. When you hear the word diet a negative connotation follows because what floods social media are those diet trends which instill in your mind that you have to cut everything out and eat as little calories as possible to get the figure you want. F.A.L.S.E.

They have a million macro-nutrient calculators that you can use online FOR FREE to follow what you want to do either it be gaining weight, losing weight or maintaining.

Please do not follow any stupid diet trends and lose weight the right way.

Please do not also take this post as me saying use these juices as your main source of sustenance and cut out all other food groups. You need fat, carbs and proteins for your body to function properly; and you can also use these juices in accordance with a proper diet to see results.


Stay fit. Stay healty. Stay happy my friends and stay tuned for my next adventure.

Happy trails!


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Facebook: Unleash Life

Instagram: @unleashlifetoday

Twitter: @unleashlifetoday



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