EatSmart Digital Food Scale

*This is a sponsored post.*

Hello Friends!

I recently was sent over a digital kitchen scale to try out and I’m sure glad I had a chance to! Before then I was just guessing with some of my macros when I input them into Myfitnesspal; some of the food inputs in Myfitness pal ONLY have servings for weights in ounces and grams.

Good thing though that the scale measures in both grams and ounces and I was able to save calories and proteins, fats & carbs when I was actually measuring/weighing my food. And doing so kind of inertly made me conscious of what I was actually putting into my body even more than I was before and the results showed!!!

A month out of my ultra (Ragnar Relay Northwest Passage) I dropped 15lbs and was able to run an amazing race! I was correctly logging my foods and was able to coordinate better the amount of proteins, fats and carbs I actually needed when I was meal prepping.

This is a definite must if you want to get serious about counting your macros.





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