Turkey Trot 10k

What a great way to start off Thanksgiving then to be waking up early and running together with 3000 of your closest friends (at least that’s what the announcer told us)!


While the numbers seem to grow and grow every year, eatingwithlittlemariii and I knew we were going to be feasting this Thanksgiving so we decided to do the 10k to compensate for that!


It was a fast, fun 10k. Flat course, as per usual in Tropical Park.

The weather was GORGEOUS. It was sunny, but wasn’t too overbearing or hot or even humid (which was surprising); it was a great day for a run.


The way we ran this race, I would run off ahead (I have a faster pace than Mari) and then at the mile checkpoint, I would slow down to a walk till she caught up to me, and then I was off again.


We play this cat and mouse game at all our races so she has a goal to achieve (catching me)?!


We ended up finishing together in 1:20:53 which wasn’t bad considering that we went out the night before and Mari isn’t used to going out and then running the next day; is it a good thing or a bad thing that I’m good at that?

Either way, it was a great way to start the day which led right into feasting and napping after our run!


Hope you and yours had a blessed and amazing Thanksgiving and that you have so many things to be thankful for.


Till the next one my friends.

Happy trails!

P.S.- A huge shout out to Turkey Trots sponsors: Baptist Health South Florida, Publix, Dicks Sporting Goods, Good Culture Cottage Cheese, Techno Gym, Lifetime Run, Athlinks, Life Time.


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