Biscayne Bay Brewing Company

Address: 8000 NW 25th St #500, Doral, FL 33122

When you think of pirates you usually think of pillaging, sailing the seven seas and of course GETTING DRUNK!

At the Biscayne Bay Brewery you get all of that! Well minus the seas and the pillaging, but you can definitely get some beers while you’re there! They take the nautical theme above and beyond.

From their site: Founded in 2012 and open in 2014, Biscayne Bay Brewing Company has proudly enjoyed serving its beers to thousands of patrons at over 250 locations in South Florida. We are grateful to our bar and restaurant partners for continuing to support local craft breweries and allowing beer drinking enthusiasts in South Florida to enjoy our beer.

Giving back is an important part of our philosophy at BBBC; not just delicious craft beer but also by service to others. As a member of the community, we continually collaborate with local service organizations by sponsoring events and opening our facility for their use in order to raise resources and awareness that benefits the constituents that they serve.

But what we learned was the fact that while they are called Biscayne Bay (but situated in Doral) was because they originally had plans to open in Biscayne Bay, they even had a location picked out and everything, but before they settled in, they found out that they couldn’t expand because the building they would have bought would have stayed as is; meaning as time passed and the brewery grew, they would be stuck. So they happened on a location (where they are situated today) with plenty of space to do what they do!

Here are the explanations from the brewery:  

Core Beers:

La Colada [Porter-other (6.5% ABV/ 32 IBU)]: Cold brewed Cuban coffee, a mix of chocolate and roasted malts, along with lactose sugars gives our Porter a unique flavor profile.

Miami Pale Ale [American Pale Ale (5.5% ABV/ 55 IBU)]: A Scotch malt foundation lays the groundwork for its unique flavor and character. A heavy dry hopping lends aroma and flavor to this beer, but keeps the bitterness factor low.

Kaptains Kolsch [Kolsch (4.8% ABV/ 20 IBU)]: A traditional German style lager with a light bodied golden colour. Crisp flavor with subtle hop notes. A great, easy drinking “all day, all night” beer.

Sirens Saison [Saison (6.9% ABV/ 30 IBU)]:Our combination of delicious malts along with French hops and Belgian yeast. A generous bitterness and a nice balancebetween body and bite. Unfiltered to keep its character.

Double Nine [English IPA (8.2% ABV/ 99 IBU): A foundation built on Scotch malt, lending caramel and honey notes. Our blend of hops add to the bitterness and citrus notes, heavy dry hopping brings forth hop aromatics.

Amber Ale [Ale (5.3% ABV/ 25 IBU)]: Malt character that lends itself to hints of toffee and raisin. A floral aroma from the hop character gives this beer the balance that one looks for in this style.

Special Release:

McDaddy Scotch Ale (Nitro) [Scottish Ale (8.2% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: A rich, dessert-esque beer with a strong component that is designed to go down smooth.

The Navigator Dopplebock [Dopplebock (9.6% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: Rich tradition German bock lager, with flavors of chocolate and figs all wrapped up together in a 9.6% ABV beer. Perfect for Oktoberfest and in the fall.

Bay Smoke Show [American Brown Ale (8.4% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: A smokey, brown ale aged in Jamaican Rum barrels.

El Roble [Scotch Ale (8.5% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: El Roble, meaning “The Oak,” is a bourbon barrel aged scotch ale. Golden scotch ale aged in Woodford Reserve barrels.

Buenas Noches [Imperial Stout (10.1% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: Buenas Noches, or “Good Night,” is a phrase used when ending your evening. Imperial stout with chocolate and roasted malt flavors aged in Woodford Reserve barrels.

Destination Dubbel [Belgian Dubbel (8% ABV/ 25 IBU)]: A traditional Belgian Dubbel with notes of clove, candi sugar and banana peel.

Buenas Noches W/ Chocolate And Vanilla [Imperial Stout (10.1% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: Imperial stout with chocolate and roasted malt flavors. Aged in Woodford Reserve barrels with Madagascar Vanilla beans and cocoa nibs.

El Watusi [Imperial Stout (10.1% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: Imperial stout with chocolate and roasted malt flavors.

Bay Fool’s Gold [Blonde Ale (7% ABV/ 55 IBU)]: A hoppy blonde ale with a slightly sweet, caramel finish.

McDaddy Scotch Ale [Scotch Ale (8.2% ABV/ (NA) IBU)]: A single malt, single hop scotch ale.

Here’s what I thought:

La Colada:

Miami Pale Ale:

Kaptains Kolsch:

Sirens Saison:

Double Nine:

Amber Ale:

McDaddy Scotch Ale (Nitro):

The Navigator Dopplebock:

Bay Smoke Show:

El Roble:

Buenas Noches:

Destination Dubbel:

Buenas Noches W/ Chocolate And Vanilla:

El Watusi:

Bay Fool’s Gold [Blonde Ale:

McDaddy Scotch Ale:

So all in all with the food they offered, ambiance of the brewery and the beers we were served I would give Biscayne Brewing Company 4.5 out of 5 piggys!

piggy  piggy piggy piggy _________

Be sure to check them out; they always have events going on!




Website: Veza Sur Brewing Company

Facebook: Veza Sur Brewing Company

Instagram: @vezasurbrewingco

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