Weekly Workouts (12/9-12/15)


Rest Day


Rest Day.


Rest Day (Media Event)


Warm up: 400m run, 2000m row, 400m run

Into: (With PVC Pipe) 20 trunk twists, 20 over head trunk twists, 20 single leg squats, 20 over head squats.

Into: Snatch progression.

EMOM 18 minutes: 1) 0:40 power snatches (95 lbs). 2) 0:40 burpees over the bar 3) 0:40 box jumps (24″ box). \

was able to maintain 6 reps of snatches, 10-12 burpees over the bar, 10-12 box jumps (did step ups first, then box jumps, finished with box jump overs).

Rest 4 min, into 1 rep max power snatch. Got up to 155.


Warm up: Stretched. back squat warm ups.

Into strength: back squat- (5) 5 @ 87%

Into Metcon: Chipper Jones- 80 BSU, 70 Russian kettle bell swings, 60 push ups, 50 wall balls (20 lbs), 40 pull ups, 30 kb snatch (53 lbs), 20 toes to bar, 10 burpee to target


Warm up: 1 mile run

Into: stretching

Into: 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10

air squats, burpees, sit ups

Then weekly challenge: Max unbroken american kettlebell swings (I got 30) Rx: 53 lbs



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