Pre-Noche Buena @ Lincoln’s Beard

And what an event it was.

John Falco and his crew wanted to do a holiday event. During one of their spitball sessions he asked one of his brewers “hey! let’s do a Noche Buena event!” César Monteagudo replied “John, we’re closed that day.” “So let’s do a PRE-Noche Buena Event!” And that’s how the idea was born.

Beer menu for the night!

A Collab beer for the event which was a coffee chocolate imperial stout (9.7% ABV) with 305 Cafecito & Exquisito Chocolates
This was basically an event to get friends and strangers alike to one meeting place for a good time before they spent their actual Noche Buena with their families.

It was a packed!

Lincoln’s pulled no punches for this event. Cafe La Llave was handing out free coffee; they did a collaboration coffee stout with 305 Cafecito, who was also helping out at the event; Martha of Miami selling her original Miami style gear; Dos Croqueta’s selling a variety of items, including, you guessed it, croquetas! Chef Daniel Ramirez of The Westchester restaurant did a thai style lechon on a caja china; Vicky Bakery who was giving out pastelitos, papa rellena and flan & Sweet Melody who was selling their ice cream.

His sombrero fell off.

But you can’t forget the main attractions of the event. Lincoln’s busted out a Burrito Sabanero, Mr. 786 (Pitbull impersonator) & the Red Hot Chili Poppers (Red Hot Chili Peppers tribute band) performing live!


And what’s even better was Falco (since 6pm) was shotgunning a beer every hour on the hour till 12am midnight to bring in Noche Buena in style.

Chris killin it on the harmonica providing some bathroom tunes.

Of course it turned out to be a great event with good laughs and good times and I cannot wait to see what Lincoln’s comes up with next!


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