NightLife Brewing Company

Address: 1588 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33125


Tucked away on the bottom level of a parking garage literally a few steps from Marlins Stadium you will find this new brewery called NightLife Brewing Company.

Founders/brew masters John Cooper & Juan T. O’Naghten have been friends for years and home brewing for just about the same amount of time. Before they joined forces together in the brewing world, they had known each other back in the day, their parents were friends and they had went to the same high school.

They started brewing together back in the end 2011-2012; they have two different styles but they work well together. O’Naghten is super traditional but Cooper is more of the adventurous one. Cooper likes brewing more of the hoppy beers & O’Naghten likes brewing more of the malty beers.

Cooper has been brewing for about 9 years now; he started homebrewing at first, then wanted to get some more traditional training and went to take FIU Hospitality and Management’s brewing course and was basically brewing 5 days a week; when Cooper would finish work, he would head home and keep on brewing till about 4-5 in the morning.


O’Naghten did 3-4 tours in the Middle East and after he finished he would keep himself busy and calm himself down by homebrewing.

Liquid Gold is the brew that they brewed together that they actually liked after repeating the brew a bunch of times and actually liking the way it tasted.

They buckled down and opened NightLife in Oct 2017 and here are some of the brews that they had for us when we visited their brewery!


Here are the explanations from the brewery:

Spitfire Redhead Rye Saison (6.5% ABV/ 35 IBU) : Spicy, Funky, Earthy. The sailing age, an age of wonder and exploration. This is the time when freedom laid not in some foreign land, but instead on the high seas, though this freedom did not come without peril. From 1650s to the mid 1700s the Caribbean and coasts of Florida were havens for some of the most dangerous people to roam the open waters. From that era there are only myths or legends of a ship called the SPITFIRE, and she was captained by a fierce woman with red hair. It was said that her hair was so red that it was made from the fires of hell itself. Anyone that crossed this captain was sent to the depths in a hail of fire. She would lead her crew into fierce battles, and where she went wrathful death was quickly handed out.

Daring Brunette Nut Brown Ale (7.0% ABV/ 35 IBU): Bold. Dark. Malty. During the late 1930s and early 1940s, the whole of Europe was thrown into the maelstrom of battle. Germany, after signing a nonaggression pact with Russia, began to conquer the continent. During this time the United States had claimed neutrality, but were supplying materials to England. Germany then violated the nonaggression pact they had with Russia, and so the US began to supply them as well. On December 7, 1941, a day that will live on in infamy, Japan bombed Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. This prompted the United States formal entry into the global conflict. In February 1942, the Army Air Core announced that Miami Beach would be taken over for the training of it’s personnel.

Gunfighter Blonde Hefeweizen (5.5% ABV/ 17 IBU): Effervescent. Clove. Hazy. The Volstead Act became national law in the 1920s. Prohibition begins, the death of the legal brewing and distilling culture in the United States is in full swing, but a new power is on the rise. The Mob became so engrossed in the illegal production of booze that it almost seems as if prohibition was just a myth. However business seldom ran smoothly, and in this industry of illegal activity the price for rocking the boat was death. Miami in the 1920s began to boom because of the local authorities lax posture to gambling and rarely enforcing prohibition.

Belgian Golden Strong Ale (10.5% ABV/ 35 IBU): Massive. Smooth. Delicious. The Freedom Flights of the 1960s and 70s had a huge impact on the history of Miami. It is estimated that during its eight-year run that 300,000 Cuban refugees were brought to Miami. It was a sad time for Cubans whom had seen their freedoms and liberty stripped away by the Castro Regime, and had to flee their homeland in search of the ability to live out their lives. This beer is dedicated to the men and women whom operated those Freedom Flights to help strangers escape from tyranny.

Thunder Bird Milk Stout (7.0% ABV/ 27 IBU): Sweet. Malty. Deep. Cities are interesting creatures. They evolve slowly, creating hidden gems, and outstanding experiences if you know where to look. The only way to truly find these gems is to go for a slow cruise down the main strip, and walk around to see the sights. Either way, just by you exploring, you’re adding to the city’s history and NightLife.

Wabisabi Green Tea Hefeweizen (4.5% ABV/ (NA) IBU): No description available.


Here’s what I thought:

Spitfire Redhead Rye Saison: Was an amber colour. The saison had malty, rye, peppery scents; it hits you in the back of the mouth. a slight tart fruit taste with a nice crisp finish.

Daring Brunette Nut Brown Ale: Was a nice amber brown colour. Had rich malty scents. Had also a noticeable spiced scent; Had nice malty tastes with a nice kick at the end; there’s a spiced taste as well.

Gunfighter Blonde Hefeweizen: A beautiful golden colour. Had very light, slightly fruity crisp scents. A nice ale. Crisp. Refreshing. Light. Goes down smooth. A nice session beer.

Flight To Freedom Belgian Golden Strong Ale: Was a nice dark golden colour. Had scents of an ale; they were fruity & peppery. The tastes were the same as well. It had a nice, crisp finish.

Thunder Bird Milk Stout: Was a nice black colour. Nice stout scents; chocolate, roasted coffee scents; And it was a full bodied beer that had coffee tastes with a bitter dark, chocolate kick at the end.

Wabisabi Green Tea Hefeweizen: This was a collaboration with Jojo Tea; A straw like to light golden colour; Just like the hefe with a green tea finish. Smooth, crisp; just like a cool green tea. Tastes and smells like green tea too.


So all in all with the ambiance of the brewery and the beers we were served I would give Nightlife Brewing Company 4.0 out of 5 piggys!

piggy piggy piggy piggy __________


They’re going to start canning in March; be on the lookout for these guys during baseball season as well; they have a few surprises coming up that will be sure to keep fans and patrons alike extra happy even if the Marlins end up with a loss.

Website: Nightlife Brewing Company

Facebook: Nightlife Brewing Company

Instagram: @nightlifebrewingco

Twitter: @NightLifeBrew

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