Weekly Workouts (1/15-1/19)

Mon: 5k run

Tues: Warm up- 1 mile

into: Endurance wod-

“Dumbbell (DB) Grace”: 30 DB clean and jerks then 35 cal row

Then “DB Frankie”: 45 DB thrusters, 45 sit ups then 50 burpees

Then “DB Isabel”: 30 DB snatches (15/arm) then 35 cal row

Weight was 20 lbs

Wedns: Warm up: 1.5 mile run

into “Death Triangle”: 800m run then max 1 min row, 1 min assault bike, 1 min ski rig (3 rounds)

Thurs: Rest/ Media Day @CraveClean new store!

Fri: Rest/ Media Day @MIABeerCo!



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