StayFit 305 Workout W/ The Box Mia

Address: Graffiti Gardens: 101 Northwest 36th Street, Miami, FL 33127

The Box MIA: 3301 NE 1st Ave #104, Miami, FL 33137


Stay Fit 305 has done it again! This past weekend they teamed up with The Box MIA to put on an amazing event that really got the blood flowing!

Don’t know who Stay Fit 305 is? Well they are a company that connects fitness enthusiasts in South Florida with inspiring trainers, gyms, studios, news and healthy eating options; and the event that I participated in was hosted by Alvin Davie from The Box MIA which is a boxing gym that has a bunch to offer and is located right there in Wynwood!

My dude Alvin Davie

Not only did they provide an amazing workout to get your day started, they also provided a bunch of treats with a crazy amount of vendors that filled the beautiful Graffiti Gardens Miami! If you haven’t heard of that area, I definitely recommend you go and check it out. It’s an art venue built up with shipping containers and where they will be hosting a bunch of events soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. It’s a beautiful hidden spot right here in our own backyard.


And now back to the actual workout; it was an hour long and had me sweating bullets. There were a lot of plyometrics, a lot of punches thrown (this was hosted by a boxing gym afterall) and it ended with a core beat down. I think what I loved most was the energy that the trainer Alvin Davie brought to the table. He’s very high energy, he’s very optimistic and he keeps you motivated to push you through the workout. Even better, he has his hype tools. At certain points throughout the class, he would tell you to “CLAP” and then everyone participating would clap twice and yell GORGEOUS! And he explained it as “everyone here is gorgeous, you’re all beautiful people and I want you to remember that.” It’s a nice motivational tool when you’re drenched in sweat and are on the verge of dying.

And after the class was over he did a nice cool down stretch and with what we thought was the last stretch, he had us raise our hands high in the air and just said “you’re done! You guys are amazing!”

Stay tuned for more events like these as Stay Fit 305 is connecting with people all across South Florida; but what makes it even better is that they’re all FREE! So stay tuned and I’ll catch you at the next one!

And here were all the amazing vendors that provided us with goodies! From top to bottom: Green Roads, Lunchology, Crave Clean, Harmless Harvest, Carrot Express, Reina Vegana, Yourlixir, Eat Clean, Body Armor & Ella Express.



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