Bee My Valentines @ Bousa Brewing Co

Single? Taken? That didn’t matter when you walked through the doors because you were GUARANTEED a great night at Bousa Brewing Cos “Bee My Valentine” event in conjunction with BumbleLittle Mariii who set up the entire event!

The event had every facet covered that you could think of. If you were hungry and wanted some food, there was a food truck on site preparing some amazing dishes thanks to Tutos Cuisine; but if you had a craving for something sweet, Crave Clean had you covered as they provided 100 cupcakes!  There were a variety of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes with icing that had either sprinkle toppings or a slice of strawberry and to top it off there were even roses that were being handed out to every lovely lady who attended the event!

And of course, the main star of the show was that liquid courage to get you up and talking to those strangers! Your first beer was on Bousa to show thanks for spending your Valentines Day with them; and what made the event even more special was Bousas own master brewer Kayla released their brand new Belgian IPA! The IPA was a great session beer, but be careful, because while it may be easy to drink one after the other, it WILL creep up on you.


And if that wasn’t enough, there were a bunch of influencers on site that you got to meet in person! Those included the likes of: @marthaofmiami, @mayitakeabite, @katrozz, @illeatdat, @deefavored1, @choooobee (part owner of Descarga Brewing), @somegoodhops was on site selling some of his dope swag and the whole thing was captured by the amazing photographer @mrbueno_.

I just have to say that I’m so proud of Mari for putting on such an amazing event. You could tell she was a little winded from running around and talking to everyone/making sure everyone was having a good time, but every time I looked over I couldn’t help but smile because I saw her working and doing her thing all the while having that gorgeous smile on her face.

You definitely don’t want to miss the next event that she puts on.

Till the next one my friends.




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