2018 “Don’t Be Jelly” Eating Contest

Address: 7360 SW 41st St, Miami, FL 33155


Honestly, y’all who didn’t participate should be the one’s who should be jelly.

This was probably one of the most fun events I’ve participated in this year.

The Date: March 25th, 2018. 4PM.

The Venue: Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co.

The Competition: Lincoln’s BeardMr Pb & JBeer Bros & Bs, Tripping AnimalsBox ElderUnion Beer StoreDescargaBousaMiami BrewingMIA Beer CoNightlifeBiscayne BayJ Wakefield, Tank & Concrete Beach (last years winner).

The Prize: The coveted “Don’t Be Jelly” belt which was awarded to the champion of the day who would go on to devour more PB&J sandwiches within a 10 minute time frame than any of the other competitors!


Honestly, I had no intention of winning this contest, but of course, my competitive side took over and I ate all I could.

When we received the call to start, I thought I would have an advantage by taking down two sandwiches at a time; and for a while I did. But then I got really full really fast; I think I was able to get down 8-10 sandwiches within 5 minutes, and as soon as I heard that we had 5 minutes left, I was about to collapse. I was already getting so full and I honestly just couldn’t take down any more sandwiches. I just kept hearing the numbers from the other competitors get higher and higher as they ate more and more sandwiches.

In the end, my opponent next to me “The Big Librarian” took down 16 sandwiches in 10 minutes and demolished all of the competition.

What I honestly loved about this event (minus the beer & PB&J) is how easy it is to get the craft beer community to come together in a contest that might seem silly to most.

What a lot of people don’t understand is that for a movement to grow, you need to have people come together, support each other and lift each other up; and this is exactly what is happening with the independent craft beer movement in Miami and throughout the world. I mean yeah, you’ll have the black sheep that are only looking out for themselves or are only in it for the money; but for the most part, it’s a strong community that is growing every single day.

I love all the breweries down here in Miami and they each have their own interesting stories that I want to share with the world; but don’t get it twisted, I will be training hard till the next “Don’t Be Jelly” eating contest next year…


… & Beer, Bros & BS I’M COMING FOR YOU!!!

Till the next one…


  1. My card & homebrew on the table!
  2. Me & Chazz Sunshine himself!
  3. Me & The ravenous raccoon from Tripping Animals!
  4. Me & Chazz Sunshine again.
  5. Some camaraderie between contestants.
  6. The superhero team of Chazz, Samurai Piggy & Kaptain Kush.
  7. Me & the boys from Barcode Brewery & Meadery.
  8. Of course I would go in on a wall squat contest between myself, and my boys Gabe & Mike.

Website: Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. / Mr. PB&J

Facebook: Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co. / Mr. PB&J

Instagram: @lincolnsbeardbrewing@mrpbandj

Twitter: @lincolnsbeardbc / @mrpbandjelly

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