Let’s Talk Beer!

Address: 2003 North Miami Avenue Wynwood, FL 33127


Love beer?

Talking about it, drinking it, being surrounded by it, taking a bubble bath in it?!

Well maybe not so much the last one, but if you like all other choices listed above then you have to head on over to our bi-monthly “Gulp & Yell” beer panels!


We (Cameron, Marilyn and I) will be hosting moderated beer panels where people in the beer industry (brewers, brewery owners, distributors, etc.) will get together and talk about our favorite beverage of choice.

The first “Gulp & Yell” session was a GREAT one! We had Cameron (beer director at Kush in Wynwood), John Cooper (co-founder/brewer at Nightlife Brewing Co), Dani Urrutia (sales rep at Nightlife Brewing Co), John Falco (Co-owner/brewer at Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Co), Bianca (bartender/server at Kush in Wynwood), Matt Kuscher (the alter ego of Kaptain Kush/owner of Kush in Wynwood) and just some friends who were interested in talking about beer.


Our first session was kind of a free for all; we traded stories of homebrew disasters, talked of our favorite go to beers, the come up of the craft beer movement in Miami and how big brother (AB Inbev) is trying to control the market by buying out hop farms in certain areas of the world.

It was very interesting to me to talk to people in the industry as you can always learn more and find out some new and surprising things about the beer industry that you had probably never thought of before.

But what’s even better about talking about beer?

DRINKING BEER!!! Here are some of the delicious brews that we tried as we were hitting on all these different topics:


Now for future panels we will try to be more structured and hit on certain classical topics or even up to date topics that may be going on in the beer world.

And what’s even cooler is that this isn’t set up as an exclusive group; at all! We want YOU to join us. We want people who enjoy beer and people who want to learn more about beer and the beer world to come join us for our next panel.


Keep your eyes peeled for the Eventbrite as we will be limiting the amount of people that may attend these events & each panel will be at the same location which is at Kush in Wynwood!

(Mari dropping the knowledge!)

Till next time my friends.


See below for the types of beers we got to try!

  1. Grimm Ales– Super Spruce (4.7% ABV)
  2. Blackberry Farm Brewery– Peel Your Face Orange IPA (6.3% ABV)
  3. Holy Mountain Brewing– The Ox (7.0% ABV)
  4. 5 Rabbit Brewery– Arroz Con Leche Imperial Blonde (7.5% ABV)
  5. Clown Shoes Beer– Pecan Pie Porter 2017 (10.5% ABV)
  6. Jester King Brewery– Bouffon Bruery Terreux (5.3% ABV)
  7. Mikkeller Beer– Hallo Ich Bin Berliner Weisse [(Blueberries) 3.7% ABV]
  8. Weyerbacher Brewing– Sunday Mole Stout (11.3% ABV)


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