Multirace Key Biscayne 10K- 2018

Address: Miami Marine Stadium-3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149/Rickenbacker Causeway, Key Biscayne, FL 33149

That was actually the start.

Speaking of firsts I had the privilege of running Mari’s anniversary 10k on the Rickenbacker Causeway of her first race EVER!

Mind you, this was the day AFTER her first 10 Mile Tough Mudder adventure at Amelia Earhart Park!


We had to get up even earlier than the day before and make our way to Key Biscayne for this 10k.


It was a nice set up for what the race was; it was also a little shake up run to break up the lactic acid out of our legs from the race we had the day before.

We had the luck of having another great day of gorgeous weather, a beautiful run with some amazing scenery and we even got to run the bridge and catch the sunrise! It was a bit of a slow run, but we got to be with a bunch of friends out on the causeway during that beautiful day, so we didn’t mind one bit.


What made me so proud of Mari on this race was the fact that she took on a 10 mile obstacle course race the day before and she was still up and ready to take on her anniversary race that day.


Props to GoRun, IRun Company & Multirace for setting up a gorgeous run.

Till the next one my friends.

Happy Trails!

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