A Tragedy Brings Peace

A recent death has sent shock waves throughout the beer community; of course the only news that can be talked about is the savagery that occurred during Sprung Beer Festival where Union Beer Store in a fit of rage publicly executed “La Piedra” otherwise known as The Rock.

Before everything gets taken out of context, the whole story must be known of what led up to the events of that fateful day.

Union Beer Store located on “Calle Ocho” is home to many WWE fan favorites such as Stone Cold Steve Austin, Daniel Bryan and the formerly The Rock. On a day like any other, MIA Beer Company had come to Union under the guise of hanging out and sharing some beers and laughs with the Union crew. That night when the Union crew was closing shop, they had sensed something was amiss, La Piedra was missing! Unbeknownst to Union, MIA stole La Piedra that night and adopted him into their family; according to David Rodriguez, owner of Union Beer Store, “it’s just a doll.”


MIA stated that “we saved The Rock from an abusive home and made him a part of the MIA family.” Apparently The Rock loved his new home so much so that he went out and got the MIA logo tattooed on his chest. Union would not take this lightly. They came back with a barrage of assaults towards MIA using guerrilla tactics.

One of the most highly criticized stunts to date being the attack on Tony Hernandez during Lincoln’s Beard Brewing Company’s annual PB&J eating contest which was supposed to be a family-friendly event. Union who just so happened to be placed next to MIA during the event jumped Hernandez with a barrage of punches to where Hernandez would not be able to compete in the eating contest and which then led to Union being disqualified from the event as well.


It didn’t stop there. Union even went as far as to plant a mole in MIA Beer Co’s staff. Union had “fired” Enrique Angulo and publicly shamed him (for wearing an MIA shirt to work) only as a ploy for MIA to again adopt one of Union’s own and bring him into a loving home as they did with The Rock. Angulo double crossed MIA and was secretly leaking intel back to Union on the happenings of MIA and where The Rock would be located next.

IMG_3276 (2)

Finally, it was time to strike the finishing blow. Angulo had let Union know that The Rock was going to be at Sprung Beer Festival; Union assembled all their troops and was ready for their final assault. Try as they might to defend him, MIA was unable to save The Rock from the shear numbers that the Union crew brought to the event which eventually led to a public beating and execution of La Piedra.

After reaching out to Union on why they had gone so far they let it be known ” La Piedra was tainted and we were furious… but deep down we were jealous because we saw that MIA never mistreated him and showed him unconditional love.”

After a time of mourning, both parties agreed to a cease-fire and decided it was time for peace. This rivalry could not go on any longer, the tolls being paid by both sides were just too high. MIA Beer Company stated “it’s what we both need, it’s what the Miami craft beer scene needs and most importantly, it’s what “The Rock” would have wanted.”


The Peace Treaty Event will take place May 24th at Union Beer Store and will begin at 8 p.m. with an open casket viewing for “La Piedra”, a documentary release which will cover the rivalry that led to a death in the MIA family and which in turn finally brought both sides to peace. To show that the tensions have settled, MIA Beer Company will sponsor a tap takeover during the event.

Union Beer Store: 1547 SW 8th St, Miami, FL 33135; (786) 313-3919; unionbeerstore.com; Monday 5 to 11 p.m., Tuesday and Wednesday 1 p.m. to 12 a.m., Thursday 1 p.m. to 1 a.m., Friday 1 p.m. to 2 a.m.,  Saturday 12 p.m. to 2 a.m., and Sunday 12 to 10 p.m.

Website: Union Beer Store/ MIA Beer Co

Facebook: Union Beer Store/ MIA Beer Co

Instagram: @unionbeerstore/ @miabeerco

Twitter: @unionbeerstore/ @miabeerco

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