Tanuki Miami

Address: 1080 Alton Rd, Miami Beach, FL 33139

A Tanuki is a magical shape-shifting raccoon-fox with an interest in encouraging
generosity, cheerfulness and good fortune among winers, diners and all who happen across his path; this is the exact feeling that will overcome you as you walk through the doors of Tanuki in South Beach.

Tanuki (Yokai of Japanese folklore) boast supernatural powers; they have reformed from their mischievous tendencies of a benevolent rascal to a yokai that represents good luck, prosperity and success. Tanuki figures are found throughout Japan, especially in and around restaurants where they beckon drinkers and diners to enter and enjoy life through food and beverage. As a fun-loving figure, good fortune is denoted through his specific traits including a big belly, signifying bold and calm decision-making; a big tail, symbolizing steadiness and strength; big eyes, indicating the capability to judge the environment and make good decisions; a structured hat, representing readiness and protection against the bad weather/bad times; a friendly smile, offering a friendly attitude toward customers.

Tanuki (the restaurant) is a gateway to a unique culinary experience serving dishes and drinks inspired by Japanese, Chinese, and many other cuisine styles from all over Asia. The menu is thoughtfully curated and seasonally updated featuring items such as sushi, sashimi, dim sum and other signature hot & cold Asian fusion dishes all created with a contemporary approach. They not only have a plethora of dishes you can order (including a happy hour & brunch options as well), but they also have an impressive sake list, wine list and unique Asian fusion cocktails that complement the cuisine.


Marilyn and I have been there twice and have been able to try both the happy hour menu and their brunch menu and each were equally amazing in their own rights.

The pictures below are the brunch menu we got to try:

Uni Mojito- Quail Egg, Uni, Mojito
Seafood Dumpling
Fat Xiao Dumpling
Crispy Snapper w/ Kataifi, Butter Lettuce, Jalapeno Relish, Aioli
Chef Sushi Plate w/ Crispy Snapper, Aburi Salmon, Crispy Tuna
Spicy Tuna Avocado Bowl w/ Sushi Rice, Avocado, Daikon, Beets, Butter Lettuce, Pickled Ginger, Poached Egg
Crispy Brussels Sprouts & Quinoa Bowl w/ Fried Eggs, Radish, Truffle Vinaigrette

We definitely left stuffed that day; but it was such a fantastic experience we HAD to go back to try their happy hour menu that we had heard so much about.

The following pictures below were from the happy hour menu:

Tanabata- Bloodless Gin, Vanilla, Umeshu, Bee Pollen, Chia Seeds, Mango & Yuzu Foam
Tanabata & Samurai Mule (Cazadores Tequila, Kaffir Lime Infused Tio Pepe Sherry, Grilled Apple Chilli Jam, Ginger Beer
Lechee Martini w/ Gin, Cucumber & Lime
Pork Belly Fuku Bun w/ Korean BBQ & Pickled Onions
Crispy Brussel Sprouts w/ Heirloom Cherry Tomatoes
Wagyu Taco w/ Avocado, Chipotle & Scallion
Peking Duck Dumplings
Shishito Peppers w/ Yuzu Miso Sauce
Spicy Tuna Roll w/ Tuna, Creamy Spicy Sauce & Scallion
A Special Congratulatory Green Tea Ice Cream Fondant; it was AMAZING!

Not only does this restaurant amazing offer and unique food and drinks, but you will also be treated like royalty with the amazing service that is provided with your dining experience. Each time we went to Tanuki we were greeted and hosted by the amazing Sai Jones (General Manager of the restaurant); she is one of the most beautiful souls we have ever had the pleasure of meeting and her personality and love of her work radiates through her smile. She loves what she does and makes sure to share that love with you when you walk through those doors. She is a living Tanuki.

Till the next time my friends.




Website: Tanuki Miami

Facebook: Tanuki Miami

Instagram: @tanukimiami

Twitter: @TanukiMiami

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